Parish of All Saints

The “Parroquia de Todos Los Santos” is a fundamental part of the TSM. It was donated by Grupo Modelo and Club Santos Laguna to the Diocese of Torreón, and is a point of reference within the complex and the region.

It has the capacity to receive 300 people as well as a columbarium for 500 niches.

It provides for the local community, holding religious ceremonies, as well as providing care to those who suffer from various problems, such as alcoholism or drug addiction, among others.

The Parish of All Saints is one of the first churches in the world located within a major sports and entertainment center.

It was inaugurated on November 1, 2009, on All Saints' Day, in a religious ceremony celebrated by the Apostolic Nuncio Christophe Pierre, the Diocesan Bishop of Torreón, José Guadalupe Galván Galindo and the Bishop of Gómez Palacio, José Guadalupe Torres Campos.

On the second anniversary of the Parish of All Saints, the process of blessing was completed, and the consecration of its altar took place. The consecration was sealed through the anointing of the Holy Chrism with which Christ is made present among the congregation.

Through the Parish of All Saints, Orlegi Sports, Club Santos Laguna and TSM reiterate their commitment to the community to make the complex a tool for optimal social development.

Symbology and Mysticism:

The Parish of All Saints aims to involve its faithful in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, with a high symbolic content that reinforces the Catholic doctrine and the Christian life. The rectangular church allows the all-faithful to be near the altar.

The entrance of light inside the nave that ends at the Cross, represents the way forward. (Jesus is the way, Truth and Life). The benches, distributed in 4 sections, represent the 4 evangelists. (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

Each section, made up of 12 rows of benches, represents the 12 apostles.

The chapel of the baptistery represents the Holy Trinity. (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

The dome of light in the baptistery represents the Holy Spirit.

The structure that surrounds the ship represents the position of the hands when we are praying.

The external volumetry of ascending form represents the aspirations of all the men who want to reach heaven.