Territorio Santos Modelo was inaugurated on November 11, 2009 with a game between Santos Laguna and Santos from Brazil.

The very first goal was scored by Matías Vuoso - who, coincidentally - scored the final goal in the old Corona Stadium.

Before the match, Ricky Martin performed in a spectacular show which also included the cheerleaders from the New Orleans Saints of the NFL.

The opening statement was offered by then-president of Mexico Felipe Calderón, joined by Coahuila Governor Humberto Moreira and then-FIFA president Joseph Blatter.

Pablo Montero sang the Mexican National Anthem, and Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, gave the first kick.

The complex was built in a record time of 18 months.

Territorio Santos Modelo spans 23 hectares, and includes the Parish of All Saints, which was a donation of Club Santos and Grupo Modelo to the Diocese of Torreón.

TSM is the only complex in Latin America that has a religious enclosure within its facilities.

Trophy room

The trophy hall includes all of the most important championships and sub-championships won over time by the first team and Santos' youth teams. It includes a replica trophy from the U17 World Cup, which was played in Mexico in 2011, with Estadio Corona being a host stadium during one of the most iconic games in Mexico national team history, where Julio Gomez scored a bicycle kick in the final seconds of the game, sending Mexico on.

The hall includes a photo gallery of emblematic club players and a short biogrophy of each, and serves as an entry way to the the Orlegi auditorium, where first team players are presented and important press conferences workshops, and congresses are held.

On the same leveal and opposite to the Orlegi auditorium is in-house travel agency Ascensa, which was created by Orlegi to facilitate transportation and hotel logistics for the entire institution. Likewise, Ascensa is available to the general public.


CAR (high performance center)

Composed of two category-2 synthetic grass fields endorsed by FIFA, three natural grass fields, and a pediment wall.

The clubhouse has the capacity to house 40 youth players who are provided with everything they need to become professional footballers - from a fully functional gym to a complete nutritional program tailored to each player's specific needs, an around-the-clock kitchen and cafeteria where players receive their meals: first team players are provided breakfast and lunch daily for before and after training and the players who live on campus receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Players also have access to a sports psychologist to help them develop and mentally prepare to be their best, and receive proper education for comprehensive preparation.

Social responsibility focusing on the environment (before entering the stadium)

TSM has a water treatment plant with a capacity of 640,000 liters of water, helping us to supply all our fields - including the main field.  530,000 liters of water are used daily.

TSM uses solar cells that help to heat the water in the dressing rooms and generate energy for the illumination of the complex.

Santos-LALA Training Center

Our Santos LALA academy serves young players from 4 to 12 years with comprehensive training.

Estadio Corona

With a seating capacity for 30,000 fans, it also has a club level and a terrace overlooking the field from Holox Fitness Center.

There are three levels of suites, each displaying the names of former players on the facade who have been named by their former teammates and the club as "Guerreros de Honor." 

At the top of Holox Fitness Center are the administrative offices of Club Santos Laguna. 

On the west side of the stadium at the north and south corners are two levels of extra-large suites used to for media, sponsors, and special groups.

The wall at the north head displays eight stars representing all Santos championships won - six league titles, a Copa MX, and a Campeón de Campeones. 

Below that are all the national flags that represent the players of the first team and coaching staff.

In-stadium entertainment:

- In addition to the suites, there are two bars inside the stadium that fans can enjoy before, during, and after the game: one at the Club level - Bar Corona 83, and one at the main level - Bar Verdiblanco.

- Presidential Suite.

- Capacity for 70 people both inside and outside.

- Players tunnel (mixed zone).

- Where teams arrive and depart, and where the media conference room and mixed zone are located. A jersey gallery of important moments lived at the stadium lines the tunnel from the first team locker room to the field.

- Julio Gómez's #8 Mexico jersey from the semifinal of the U17 World Cup.

- Championship jersey from Santos' comeback in a semifinal against Tigres.

- 4 jerseys commemorating the 2012, 2015, 2018 league championships and 2014 MX championships.

- Oswaldo Sánchez commemorative jersey celebrating his record record of most matches in Mexico's first division, obtained in 2014. 


TSM Second Phase 

Shopping center and hotel

The shopping center will be built in the parking lot and the hotel the space between north tower and north head.


TSM Third Phase

A university, for this there is no confirmation date, and is currently planned to be built behind the Santos-LALA training center.


TSM Fourth Phase

Expansion of the stadium, a structure similar to the west side

Important games and moments

•    First Wash - April 20, 2008 

•    First Training - July 7, 2009

•    Opening of the Parish of All Saints - November 1, 2009

•    First league goal (Carlos Ochoa) and first official game (vs America) - November 15, 2009

•    First playoff game (vs Monarcas) - November 22, 2009

•    Santos Laguna 7-1 Monarcas SF-V Bicentennial 2010 - May 15, 2010

•    Inauguration Santos Laguna vs Santos from Brazil - November 11, 2009

•    First Mexican National Team visit vs El Salvador - October 16, 2012

•    Mexico vs Brazil - October 11, 2011

•    1st match Copa Libertadores vs Arsenal - February 11, 2014

•    U17 World Cup Mexico 2011

•    Semifinal World Cup U17 Mexico 3-2 Germany U17

•    C12 Semifinal - Santos Laguna 2-2 Tigres

•    Final C12 Santos Laguna 2-1 Monterrey

•    Final Copa MX A14-Santos Laguna 2 (4) - (2) 2 Puebla

•    Final 1st leg C15 Santos Laguna 5-0 Querétaro

•    Final 1st leg C18 Santos Laguna 2-1 Toluca