Sports intelligence

The Sports Intelligence department offers analytical support and generation of information for decision-making in different areas of the club. The main tasks of the department are game and player analysis and scouting.


Analysis of the rival team is done in person and by video, and the information gathered is presented to the coaching staff for each respective category: (First Division, Sub 20 and Sub 17). 

Analysis of our own team and players is carried out in the same way and is presented to each respective team by representatives of the Sports Intelligence department on a weekly basis. 

Tools: Match Analysis (analysis), GolStats (statistics) and Director 11 (information management and control).


Santos Laguna has different scouts are on the constant look-out for national and international talent which may be able to contribute to the different categories of the institution, including the first team and youth divisions. 

Tools: WyScout (scouting) and GolStats (statistics).

Youth Scouts:

This particular area looks for youth talent to make up the lower divisions with projection to the first team, and looks for young players to make up Santos Laguna’s extensive youth academies throughout Mexico.