Guerreros de Corazón was founded on the idea that Club Santos Laguna was not just a soccer team, but that our philosophy on and off the field is "winning by serving is the only option." In 2007, our current administration created this social responsibility program to promote the development of society and its environment using soccer as a vehicle for social change. 

We started with the inclusion of persons with disabilities when we introduced the Padrino and Madrina program, selecting exemplary girls, boys, and adults who represent a social cause or disability. These groups and individuals have fought battles in life and remain unaffected – rather, it’s their spirit and desire to push forward that best represents who we are. Each tournament, we select one from a list of candidates to be our team representatives of fair play, where they also assist during games and special team events. 

Guerreros de Corazón has several lines of action and offers a large variety of different activities to give back to the community: courtesy guided tours for underprivileged groups in the stadium facilities; special activities during away games, which allow us to leave a footprint everywhere we go; fulfilling dreams, volunteering, clinics, motivational talks and support for external initiatives through strategic alliances with various public institutions - private and government.

Since 2015, Guerreros de Corazón has expanded its efforts into the United States, where we have worked with 4 foundations, 6 professional teams (4 from MLS and 2 from USL) and CONCACAF, through volunteer activities that involve the first team and coaching staff. Fans from all over Mexico have created their own groups and do social work, carrying the values of the institution to international territory among our Guerreros Sin Fronteras and their communities. 

Aware that early childhood is the most important stage of life, in July 2017 we became the first Mexican team to solidify an alliance with a global non-profit when we joined forces with United Way Mexico, part of the global network of United Way Worldwide, the world's largest non-profit. This is a permanent commitment. In 2018, Club Santos Laguna received the annual award that United Way Mexico gives to its allies that stand out for their social commitment.

We form human beings with consistent supportive and altruistic attitudes. Our women's team, first team players, youth players, and employees are our main volunteer force. We involve our youth starting from the Under 13 category. 

Our women's team continues to drive us to open more spaces inside and outside the organization. We have carried out three editions of “Guerreras al 110,”, a forum for dialogue where successful women inspire other women and men for the empowerment and greater visibility of women in all areas.

Always concerned with sustainable development, we promote actions that pay for the care of life on the planet; garbage collection and recycling, reforestation, water care, rescue and protection of abandoned dogs and cats are, among other activities, those that represent who we are. 

We generate resources during events to benefit various individuals and groups, and the proceeds are channeled to different institutions. With fines imposed on players for penalties, a fund is generated that we invest in improving the quality of life of our Padrinos and Madrinas for their health, housing and transport. We also work to contribute to the Teletón Child Rehabilitation Center, government programs and other non-profit institutions that ensure the welfare of society and of the planet.

We involve Holy Children's Forces, a free soccer school that serves an average of 500 boys and girls between 4 and 18 years every year, who also receive talks on nutrition and health. Similar and free projects, in partnership with the government, are the various low-income neighborhoods within the local community that promote good values and discipline through sport.