Green and White are colors of warriors; colors that Santos Laguna has used since the beginning, donned by thousands of fans in Mexico and in various parts of the world.
Their origin dates back to the first tournament where Santos Laguna debuted with green armor for every battle, stemming from the original colors of the Mexican Social Security Institute, the first owners of the club.  During this era, today's Club Santos Laguna was simply known as Santos IMSS.
Green has been used since its inception in 1983, but it was not until 1986 when the color white was added to form the traditional green and white stripes, which represent modern-day Santos Laguna.




These colors have important significance for all those who identify with the club:



The represents life, the birth of something new, energy and stability of something that grows little by little while forging a path. While "La Laguna" is a desert region,  green gives life and symbolizes everything we fight for and work for every day.



White represents peace, humility and love. Paired with green, it's a color that generates trust and empathy from die hard and casual fans to those who are discovering the team for the first time.




A vital symbol for us is our anthem:

A war song that represents a team from a region that fights against any adversity and never gives up, just like its people who sing it with pride.
Our anthem was written in 2012 and represents all Santistas and Laguneras. It's a way to share love for the team through  music for those who follow the institution anywhere in the world.



Battle armor that was born with the club and represented the green color of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), and evolved over time to the classic green and white that we know today.




The club's uniform is without a doubt a huge symbol of pride and represents a true warrior on and off the field, rising together with those of the Laguna region and the club's fans to overcome adversity.