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Santos executive president Dante Elizalde and Torreón governor hold press conference at TSM

Santos executive president Dante Elizalde and Torreón governor hold press conference at TSM

(Torreon, Coahuila, May 23, 2020) - In light of the recently-discovered cases of Coronavirus within Club Santos Laguna, executive president Dante Elizalde met on Saturday with Coahuila governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme to define protocols surrounding the 15 persons diagnosed with COVID-19.

Santos Laguna executive president Dante Elizalde and Coahuila governor Miguel Riquelme, May 23, 2020. Territorio Santos Modelo.

The club, alongside state and local government, is working to monitor and ensure the well-being of those who tested positive and their families. In addition, both sides have begun to hold discussions with regard to stadium safety protocols for when soccer eventually returns to action.

"Hand in hand with our authorities, who have shown us their full support in these difficult times, we have to design a joint plan to reactivate activity while always prioritizing health," said Elizalde.

It was announced in the conference that a comprehensive review is already underway for relatives and contacts of those who tested positive.  

"This weekend we will conduct tests and interviews with relatives and contacts, (which is) around one hundred people ... We have begun to review protocols, in coordination with Santos, to avoid a greater number of infections. We have established a follow-up of those who tested positive from the moment the news was released and until we can conduct new tests where (the results) come back negative, with corresponding follow-up within epidemiological surveillance," he said.

Elizalde and Riquelme also announced the beginning of discussions surrounding what will be very specific actions taken to ensure that Territorio Santos Modelo continues to be a safe place for the general public.

"Regardless of whether the Mexican soccer league can establish very specific protocols, they must be adapted to our stadium and the characteristics of TSM," added Riquelme.

It is for that specific reason, said the governor, that a proposal has already been made to begin a review of those processes now.

"We need to quantify how we can allow people to enter the stadium without having any problems, but that will come at a later time since the league has already announced that there will be no games. We have time to work."

Coahuila governor Miguel Riquelme, Territorio Santos Modelo, May 23, 2020.