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Rivas: Santos looking to score from minute one against Veracruz

23 de Septiembre del 2018 2:19 pm.

The blueballed canterano Ulises Rivas was happy with the opportunity he received last Sunday, to have minutes of play in the victory against Leon at the Estadio Corona: "For some time now I have not I played more than to work and wait for the opportunity, this Sunday I was presented a few minutes, now I will try to follow that path in the games that are to come ".

On the Red Sharks, next opponent of the Warriors, said: "We believe that these matches can be the most complicated. Veracruz is a team that needs the points, we have it clear and sometimes they are the encounters that make it more difficult for us, because the opponent is enclosed, makes the game a little more steep. We have to know how to handle the game, not despair, always from the first minute we have to go and look for the goal ".

The lagoon said that the first objective of the albiverde squad is to ensure a place in the Liguilla: "The first objective is to qualify the Liguilla, we believe that a very important step to get closer to that goal, is this Sunday, then we must leave thinking that these three possible points are going to bring us closer to that goal ".

The 22-year-old midfielder said that the Warriors are mentalized to finish the regular stage in the first places of the table: "It was one of the topics that were played before the training, which by winning we stay close to the first place, which it is the goal, to be and to qualify in first, for in a Liguilla to receive at home the meeting of Vuelta ".

With respect to the elements that showed some injury during the last days, Osvaldo Martínez works at the same level of his teammates, Edwuin Cetré played the total of the match this morning with the representative Sub 20, in game pending before Lobos BUAP, and Eduardo Herrera continues its evolution in a satisfactory manner, after post-fracture nose surgery.