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Eduardo Fentanes: I have arrived to a club among the very best

13 de Septiembre del 2018 7:28 pm.

Assuming the role of head of youth teams, new Fuerzas Basicas director Eduardo Fentanes, who took the place of current first team head coach Salvador Reyes expressed what it means to him to begin a new chapter with Santos Laguna in his first press conference Thursday afternoon. 

"I am excited," he said.  "In my process of formation and growth as a coach I had moments where I worked with youth. This, in a specific way, is a new challenge and it's a job that excites me. I have had educational and formative experience for many years, as I am a teacher at the Johan Cruyff Institute, where I offer courses. I think I've come to a club that is among the best, which has shown results in many aspects."

Fentanes, a native of Veracruz, optimistically offered characteristics he will bring to the institution well-known for procuring some of the most consistent youth talent in Mexico. 

"From the outset, the arrival of a new voice can make you remember something that you forgot along the way. What is working well does not have to be modified, but the idea is to always be aware of what is consistently working while not getting caught up in routine." 

He added: "That you are aware of any changes that may occur; with what might have worked for a while, there will come time when it stops funcioning so it forces you to reinvent yourself. I can contribute specifically to refreshing coaches with concepts and ideas. I have gone through processes in the national team with Ricardo La Volpe and Sven-Göran Eriksson."

The 41 year old former head coach brings leadership experience from tenures at Puebla, Tecos, Atlante, and fellow-Orlegi Sports teamTM Futbol Club in Tampico Madero, Tamaulipas -  where he had the opportunity to coach several Santos youth products currently playing with "La Jaiba."

Having that experience, he says "Helps me a lot without a doubt. I already had the opportunity to work with people who have trained (at Santos) in the little more than a year I was at TM Fútbol Club. It's helpful because I've already detected very good concepts that have been developed."

To that end, Fentanes concluded his conference crediting Orlegi Sports - parent company to Santos Laguna and TM Futbol Club - as being an organization leading the charge in football development and execution of talent. 

"Orlegi has been characterized for being a serious group that believes in the processes, which offers support to the people who work by letting them advance and grow if they win the opportunity. The same youth coaches (in Fuerzas Bascias) are given the opportunities to also move up in different categories. (Orlegi) is an institution that trains players and coaches. My arrival at TM Fútbol Club had a lot to do with that, I knew that not only did I arrive in Tampico to the club, but that I came to a serious group that works well, and that believes in the processes. For me, this is a new stage, and I feel qualified."

Fentanes will see his first round of youth games tomorrow when the U17 and U20 teams host Leon at 9:00 and 11:00, respectively.