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Doria: We have to win at home no matter what

11 de Septiembre del 2018 4:11 pm.

In the facilities of Territorio Santos Modelo, the Warriors continued their preparation with a view to the duel against León, performing tasks focused on physical aspects, as well as soccer exercises in small spaces.

It should be remembered that Javier Abella, Gerardo Arteaga, Jesús Angulo and Ayrton Preciado, are absent from the albiverde camp, due to their international commitments with their respective national teams.

Torreón, Coahuila, September 10, 2018.- Brazilian defender Matheus Dória, described at a press conference his adaptation process with the Warriors: "We are working better every day, I feel very good here, they received me very well, that's why I have been adapting as quickly as possible. On Friday we have a difficult game and we have to go out and win. "

From his point of view, he shared the balance of the albiverde team so far in the 2018 Apertura Tournament: "I think we are good, we have many aspects to improve, we are close to the first and we will go to the end looking to be first; I think we are good at this time. "

The defender born in Rio de Janeiro spoke about Leon, rival in turn of Santos Laguna on the date nine of the contest: "Regardless of the players who are going to play, want to win like us, then we have to be attentive, focused on our I work and go out and look for victory at home. "

The defender emphasized the importance of obtaining victory at the Corona Stadium: "Winning is the best, we will go out and look for victory. It is important that we are adding and now at home we have to look for victory. "