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Osvaldo Martinez: Santos Laguna a team that will fight with intensity from day one

18 de Julio del 2018 1:28 pm.

Paraguayan midfielder Osvaldo Martinez says the team is well-prepared mentally for the start of the new tournament and stressed the importance of opening at home with a victory to set the tone for remaining home games all year.

On the opening of the 2018 Apertura:

"It's best to start (with a win), because we know that we come from a very heavy preseason. We began 10 days after the rest of the teams in the league and that cost us a lot in our preparation games. Sunday is the most important thing. The responsibility and the commitment is totally different. We are going to try to do things like the last tournament, with the mentality of wanting to do everything right from day one. The idea is to make it so that we are respected at home, which will be very important for us if the team wants to remain in control."

On the union and state of the current squad:

"This team is great. There are many players who can make up for the absences of those who left. Players are going to arrive, as they have told us, and internal competition will be important to be able to give it all in each training session. We know that's how games are trained for and played. What this group has is intensity, it is dynamic in each training and that work will be reflected in our games."

On Santos Laguna's first week rival, Lobos BUAP:

"It's a rival that has always been characterized, since it was promoted to the first division, as being a very hard-working team. They fight for each ball, they're always on the offensive. They may have changed the head coach but they're almost all the same players. They will want to beat us, so we have to set the bar really high and maintain ourselves as champions, show ourselves in the best way."

On the support from the fans:

"We ask that they continue to support as they have always done. We know that they are here for us in the good and in the bad. It's our promise to them that on the field, we will be a team that fights aggressively and with a lot of intensity. We know that's what they want to see."