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Jesus Angulo: Santos has instilled in me what it means to be a Guerrero

29 de Mayo del 2018 5:01 pm.

Torreón, Coah., May 28, 2018.- 20 year old Jesus Angulo became an integral figure in the back line for los Guerreros as the regular tournament concluded and throughout the team's liguilla campaign.

The versatile defender, who can double as a center back and a left back - a position he owned in the final phase of the tournament - logged 630 minutes during the regular season next to fellow defender Gerardo Alcoba. Alcoba, the former captain of Pumas, assumed his role when Nestor Araujo was forced out due to injury with the national team.

Together, the veteran and the youth product, with 13 years difference between them, made quite a pair to close things down and end the season on a high note.

Angulo, who began his young career at the U15 level with Santos, has worked his way through the ranks and won his first title with the U20 in 2015. At that point, head coach Robert Dante Siboldi was the director of Fuerzas Basicas. When los Guerreros needed a hungry defender, he called upon one of his own.

"I am very happy," said Angulo after winning his second title with the club and first with the first team.

"I'm a part of several players on this team from our youth program. To finish with the title is very exciting.

"I've been here since the U15 level, so they have been instilling in me what it is to be a Guerrero and to prove it. The one who rises is the one who generates good opportunities to give to those below."

Angulo, affectionately known as "Stitch" to his teammates, took the opportunity to dedicate this title to both his family and the fans of Santos.

"This is for my family and to all our fans. We are content and grateful to the fans because they were always supporting us."