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Carlos Izquierdoz - key to semifinal success is to replicate performance vs. Tigres

09 de Mayo del 2018 12:47 pm.

Santos Laguna captain Carlos Izquierdoz was the first to speak as los Guerreros returned to the training fields Monday morning, after a heroic win in Estadio Corona over Tigres to advance to the Liga MX semifinals.

"We really enjoyed what we were able to do yesterday," he said to media after training.

"It was a great effort by everyone, our people deserved to enjoy it with thier families - those who are always with us. Now we're shifting gears and thinking about America. We achieved something great but we're still missing what we're really here for. We aspire to be the greatest and for that we must keep working and making that effort."

The Argentine center-back, who is looking for his second league title with los Guerreros this tournament, reflected on what went right for the team in their victory over Tigres to propel them to the semis.

"At no time did we allow Tigres to surpass us, they were never superior to us. We tried our hardest to be the more dominant team during the entire game, to be the more forceful side, and to be attentive to the small details because in the first leg we gave up two goals."

The key to a successful semifinal appearance, he says, "is to go out and play exactly the same way."