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Siboldi: Confidence, cohesion and competition apparent in this Santos team

20 de Febrero del 2018 3:14 pm.

As Santos Laguna approaches the halfway mark of the 2018 Clausura, head coach Robert Dante Siboldi reflects on the differences between this current squad and the team he encountered during the 2017 Apertura, highlighting aspects of confidence and internal competition.

“Before anything, it’s important to give the players confidence in what they do,” he said, “and that’s what I have noticed – it’s their level of confidence.   

“It’s all in how they play. For example, to have confidence in generation of play from the back, in not giving the ball away, generating confidence when they have the ball, to recoup the ball with confidence when it’s lost.

“When you play, it’s with the ball against the rival. When the players have confidence in executing these aspects and they do it fluidly, with trust and confidence among each other, the level of football increases.”

Djaniny Tavares and Julio Furch are good examples of this type of trust and confidence between players, says a senior member of Santos’ sports intelligence department.

“In almost all goals scored by Djaniny, Furch has been involved in the play, whether it’s feeding the ball directly, or creating the buildup leading to the play or space for Djaniny to enter the box and finish,” he said. “Their communication and confidence between each other is important even when one isn’t directly involved with the other; Furch anticipates Djaniny and vice versa.”

Siboldi added the level of competition with the squad is something with which he is pleased.

The former Uruguayan interntational, who has so far guided los Guerreros to an undefeated start at home in Liga MX and Copa MX play, says how the club worked to assemble this current squad is also a factor, in that there is an increased level of internal competition between the players.

“Our strengths are that this is a team very disciplined, they are all committed, they leave their very best on the field in every training session,” he said.  “The idea is to be as competitive as posible in every game. The team is very much that way in everything, and they never want to lose anything.”

Los Guerreros returned to training Tuesday morning, where they worked on elements of fitness and finished with a scrimmage between the first team and an opposing team comprised of select members of Santos’ youth teams. Scrimmages of these types – as Siboldi well knows from his tenure as youth teams director –also increases the competition between players at the youth level to strengthen their development.  

The first team will continue to train throughout the week under Siboldi’s command. Currently in second place, they’ll look to keep adding points to maintain their top place in the Liga MX table when they host Cruz Azul on Sunday at Estadio Corona at 6:00 pm in week nine of Liga MX action.