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Santos Laguna and United Way strive to invest in early childhood through Guerreros de Corazón

12 de Febrero del 2018 12:15 pm.

It was Brazilian football figure Pele who said in 2011 during the inauguaration of Santos Laguna’s home, Territorio Santos Modelo,  that the complex should serve as inspiration not only for Mexico, but for all of Latin America, using its infrastruscture to promote initiatives that benefit families and the general public.

In 2017, Santos became the first Mexican club to form an official partnership with a global non profit when it announced that it was joining forces with United Way, in an effort to bring that objective to new heights. And as one of its many lines of action, over the years los Guerreros have assigned team ambassadors known as “Padrinos and Madrinos” each tournament, who have the unique responsibility of carrying out gameday Liga MX protocol and acompanying the team during special activities.

Since the club’s union with United Way, during each tournament both sides work to promote a subject in society to bring awareness to certain groups or stages in life.

The 2017 Apertura was focused on uniting the elderly with young children, and the club carried out several activities in Mexico and the USA involving senior citizens. For the 2018 Clausura, Santos and United Way are focused on promoting the important issues surrounding early childhood (ages 0-6), and have appointed young Jesus Salcido Alvarado and his mother Alma, who represent the social efforts in this stage of life.

Jesus' parents met in the opening match of TSM’s inauguration, the same night that Pele encouraged the team to be an example for Mexico and Latin America. "Success is not an accident,” he said.  “It is hard work, perseverance, learning, study, sacrifice and, above all, love for what you are doing or learning to do.”  It is the firm conviction of United Way and Santos Laguna that if we want children to be successful, we must invest in their development during these curcial stages of life.

United Way, whose motto is “Live United,” not only is a co-pilot in each of these important initiatives, but works hard to unite the club with associations to further the reach of these ideas in Mexico and the United States, using soccer as a vehicle.

For Santos Laguna, Jesus and Alma represent the importance of investing in the development of early childhood. With the goal of demonstrating how to create healthy environments for children and attending to important emotional needs at this age, los Guerreros and United Way will carry out important social activities in Mexico and the United States for the entire first half of the year.  

Club Santos recently celebrated 10 years working under the idea that winning by serving is the only aceptable way to move forward, hence its corporate motto “Ganar Sirviendo”, or “To win by serving is the only option”.