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Karla Martinez - This team is truly united and it is reflected on the field

09 de Febrero del 2018 1:30 pm.

Club Santos Femenil is preparing to take on a tough offensive opponent in Monterrey this Sunday, and for that, they have been training hard all week before departing for Nuevo Leon on Saturday. 

Las Guerreras have already bounced back from their 4-1 home loss to current Liga MX Femenil champions Chivas during week five. They have spent the week working under the command of head coach Jorge Macias on elements of physcial fitness, tactical details, and ball retention. 

Defender Karla Martinez, who is playing her second tournament with the team, assures that las Guerreras are doing things well and feels confident with the newest additions to the team for the 2018 Clausura. 

The 19 year old Mexico City native has started four of five games this tournament. In a post-training press conference on Thursday afternoon, she offered her thoughts on a variety of things including the result against Chivas, their upcoming match against Monterrey, team union, and the controversial goalkeeper chant which has made its way into games between the league's women's teams. 

"I think the match against Chivas has been one of the best matches in terms of our performance," she began. "We are sincerely motivated and working on the little details we had."

The women suffered their first loss by more than two goals of the season after defeating Leon in Guanajuato 1-0 just the week before. Martinez said the group has analyzed the match and knows what it needs to do moving forward to return more favorable results. 

"The truth is that we do not feel disadvantaged because of that loss. We are completely focused on the fact that we are doing things well and we'll follow that path and the results will be given according to our operation. I just think that we gave up a little bit before (the end). And maybe we forgot what we had been working on a little. At the end of the day we continued fighting every minute of the game, but we did not get the result." 

Las Guerreras, who are currently 2-0-3 in the table, will travel on Saturday to Monterrey where they'll play offensive leaders Rayadas on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. 

"We are going to give everything and fight for every ball," she assured. "We want to return with the victory."  

She cited her personal growth under Macias, and the fact that the other girls are already stronger, as reason why they believe they can return a positive result against a tough opponent. 

"I have already grown a lot," she said. The fact that our coach requires us in this way means that each individual player has also grown and matured." 

Martinez has been with the team since the league's inception in the 2017 Apertura,  and has grown into her role with Santos Femenil in a way that makes her want to see unity and respect among all planes. This is especially true in matches involving the two northen-Mexico rivals Santos and Rayados.

 "We honestly would prefer that all fans of any team avoid such comments," she said, referring to recent chants in the stadium aimed at opposing goalkeepers.  "In the end, soccer is a sport of both genders and it has to be respected in the same way." 

Finally, she praised the camaraderie on and off the field with the team's nine newest additions, and cited their union as one of the reasons that the team has improved so much since last year. 

"The truth is that we have felt a lot of security; the team is truly united and that is fully reflected on the field."