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Patience and order will help us get the three points at Tigres: Orozco

09 de Enero del 2018 4:51 pm.

In the beginning of the preparation of Santos Laguna in Territory Santos Model to face Tigres, for the day 2 of the MX League in the University Stadium, the goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco mentioned which are the keys, thinking about obtaining a positive result in feline territory: "The order we have had, take advantage of the spaces they give us, which are sometimes few, but we must take advantage of them. The best way to play Tigres is to have the ball, they are a team that without the control of it costs them a little, because they like it. The tactical system of "Tuca" Ferretti is to have possession, then taking the ball is good for us and being well prepared. Patience and good order will help us get the three points. "

The 31-year-old goalkeeper highlighted the importance of looking for the three units this weekend, with the intention of linking his second victory consecutively at the start of the 2018 Clausura: "Tigres is respected for the things that he has done, because of the great players he has, because of how well he runs with "Tuca", he is a great team, but we feel good. We did an excellent pre-season, we worked very well and we are already focused on our next rival, in seeing what their virtues, their shortcomings, try to analyze it well to make a good game, because we are going to look for the three points. It is very important for us to continue adding victories, to demonstrate the football we do on Sunday, not only as a local but also as a visit, to stop well and to take advantage of the felines. "

In the theme of the game, he highlighted the victory won against Lobos BUAP last Sunday in Territorio Santos Modelo: "It was important in the matter of trust, that we dedicated our triumph to our people in the way it was done. In the team obviously there are issues to improve, there are details to polish, but as I said, it will always be easier when winning. For us it is very important to have added three, which gives us peace of mind to work well the week for the next game. "

On the fact that the team albiverde was very strong in this first game, said: "Fortune plays for and against, sometimes came, sometimes not. In this match, thanks to God, all of them entered, practically the team was very strong, it did very well things in that aspect. We also took away a stigma, that in the last minutes we scored, that tied us. The team also improved a lot in that and part of it is the mentality, what we have worked with the people of the Club, with the Technical Body we have been in many talks to try to get a little out of that nervousness, or that stigma we had that they turned us around at the end. "