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Fuerzas Basicas: The idea is to keep forming - Salvador Reyes

19 de Diciembre del 2017 9:20 pm.

After having already served Club Santos as assistant coach to the first team in 2010, Salvador Reyes de la Peña returns to Territorio Santos Modelo to head up one of the most important facets of the institution: the club's youth teams, or Fuerzas Basicas. 

Reyes shared his first impressions on the new challenge, his objectives, and what such a big responsibility represents for him. 

What does it mean to return to Santos, this time as Director of Fuerzas Basicas?

"I am very happy to return to the Comarca Lagunera, I was talking about it with friends who work here.  I arrived at the airport and I already felt at home. The truth is that at the time we were here in 2010, before going to the National Team, they always treated us very well. We had great experiences, and I strengthened a great friendship with Alejandro (Irarragorri) and with "Pepe" (Riestra).  Now I have this opportunity to come back and I'm very happy to be here again. "

What is your opinion of the work that has been done so far in Fuerzas Basicas at Santos?

"The truth is that they have developed at very good levels. They are leading the charge for youth deveopment in Mexico, and it's a great job they have done. It has been reflected in titles won and players. I am happy to return, to join this project and continue with this line that they have maintained during the years."

"They touched me the beginning of this project, that they have done it with a high level of professionalism, with a high level of dedication, of will, the results, the championships. And the double championship is not the first time they have achieved such a thing. All of that is a reflection of the effort and investment they've made." 

What do you think about the infrastructure TSM?

"The truth is that these facilities are first class.  They are not easily found in just any stadium, there is nothing to do but make the most of them. These  young people are aware that what they are experiencing here is very difficult to find elsewhere. So they need to make the most of it for their training, and why not?  So they can be a reference for Santos Laguna." 

It is fundamental to have these facilities to develop young people in the best way ...

"I was a player and I will project to the young players who are living and training here:  it must be a dream to come and train in these facilities, where they give you everything you need to develop as a person, in your favorite sport that is football. It's a great feeling to be able to come to TSM and enjoy this great complex to the max."

Which aspects are the most important for the development and growth of a footballer?

"They must value where they are and where they are going. Here, first of all, we are human beings, and the person matters a lot. We want to form people who have values and principles. Apart from that, they must exemplify our "DNA" which includes a person who always strives to achieve his goals with loyalty, with all the desire and positive attitude."

What do you hope to contribute as Director of Fuerzas Basicas? 

"My path in this goes back several years. I was a player, a technical assistant, head coach, I went through the national team, and I led teams in first division and in the Ascenso MX. What I have learned along the way I will look to demonstrate to our youth players. To have a habitual way of working. Here,  it is not about changing anything, the results are already very good. So the idea is to continue in that formative part of our players so that they achieve their objectives. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see our players come out of Fuerzas Basicas to play for our first team, Mexico's national team, or abroad." 

What is your main objective?

"I set a goal for myself of continuing to train players, to be aware of their needs and to try to resolve them, to be very close to players and coaches. The goal will continue to be - and this is not just mine but the entire Fuerzas Basicas area -  to develop the most players in the best way to excel in football."