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We are working to return Santos Laguna to where it belongs: Diego De Buen

19 de Diciembre del 2017 9:10 pm.

Santos Laguna continues its preseason work in Toluca, where the squad has been holding double sessions daily and integrating preseason friendies every few days. 
Midfielder Diego de Buen addressed the media this morning at the Mexican Football Federation's training facilities, where he offered his point of view on preseason and how the team is taking shape ahead of the 2018 Clausura.

Thinking in the present and long-term, De Buen emphasized that the team has been sticking to a general idea of playing and it has, so far, been returning good results.

"It is important to apply what we have been working on since Torreón," he began. "We had our first friendly match there, which was good in the sense that we worked and we trained based on what we have been doing for weeks.

"Tomorrow will be an important day to demonstrate what we want to do in the tournament, to better match what our coaches want and the the variants that we have within the 17 game weeks and the Liguilla. It is definitely important to start adapting to a rhythm of the game because week one is already very close."
The 26-year-old defensive midfielder also stated that training at high altitude will benefit the team from a physical standpoint.

"We came to Toluca because of the elevation and to play two friendly matches. It's important to get into the rhythm of the game as soon as possible in order to improve our physical capacity, so that the team can adapt to what the the coaches want.

"The last tournament was not what we expected, so we are working so that this new tournament is what we all want it to be, and that we return to Santos Laguna to the place it deserves."

To do that, De Buen listed several things the team has been focused on since taking shape over the last three weeks. 

"First, (we need to show) that we are a leading, offensive team that always speaks well with regard to its football ... apart from soccer, Santos has always been an exemplary institution, where there are very few things for which to reproach. The team will want to be offensive, be leaders on any field and obviously win our games. We know that sometimes the results are a consequence and the team will go out and look for them."
With regard to new additions Gerardo Alcoba, Jesus Isijara, Gallo Vazquez, and Jefferson Cuero, he said:

"They're doing well. They have come to round-out and enhance the squad and will be a great contribution for what we aspire to. The coaches will have to work hard to choose eleven starting players. The truth is there is a vast and high-quality team in which I think there are quite a few players who are very even in terms of level."
Finally, De Buen, who is approaching two years with Club Santos, said that los Guerreros are at the height of any Liga MX Club, so they will be an extremely difficult opponent to face in the next season.

"We are at the same level (as any top team)" he said. "The last tournament we were the only team that managed to earn points against Monterrey at (their stadium), Tigres couldn't beat us ... Santos has always been a team that competes and shows that it has a hierarchy to stand on any field, so on that side we are calm, and focused on working hard and demonstrating a good team performance. We are going to be a very complicated opponent for anyone."

Los Guerreros will play Veracruz Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. in the same format as their first preseason match, where head coach Robert Dante Siboldi used two different starting lineups who each played two 30-minute halves.