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Gerardo Alcoba: I hope to soon have the chance to know our fans in the USA

15 de Diciembre del 2017 12:32 pm.

One of Santos' newest signings says he can't wait to go back to the United States, this time wearing a Santos jersey. 

The 33 year old defender has played in several different cities througout his career with Pumas: Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Carson and McCallen among others. 

He spoke to the club about his experiences in the USA and what he hopes for the next time los Guerreros head across the border. 

What are some of your fondest memories from playing in the USA with Pumas? 

I like the communities, the ambiance of the cities and in the stadiums during games. Americans are always very hospitable with us. It's a country I like very very much, honestly. 

What is your favorite part about playing over there? 

That the fans have the possibility to see us. There are many Mexicans and fans of Mexican teams in the USA where we know their situation, we know they can't come to Mexico for whatever reason. It's important for the fans to have us close, to know us and to see us and enjoy the experience when they come. 

I hope to soon have the chance to go back in another jersey with Santos and get to know all our fans in the United States. All my teammates from Pumas and here with Santos - Mexicans and foreigners - tell me it's always a great experience to play in the United States. 

What message do you have for Santos fans living in the USA? 

That we'll see them soon. We hope they keep coming out to support. It will always be important for us to see them welcome us at the hotel and feel the ambiance they bring in the stadiums and training sessions. The opportunity to see one another when the team travels has a lot of value and I hope to experience it soon.