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Carlos Izquierdoz praises our Guerreros Sin Fronteras

17 de Octubre del 2017 3:19 pm.

Santos team captain Carlos Izquierdoz says the trips los Guerreros take to the United States are valuable in more ways than one, and the entire team will be looking forward to another chance to see its fans across the border. 

“It’s a nice experience to be able to share with our fans that unfortunately cannot see us so often,” he began.  “Every time we travel to the USA, we are received very warmly and we are grateful to them because they show us their love for these colors despite the distance.

“And I think that those who continue to support despite distances have an extra value,” he added, “whether in their commitment to the team or (for those from Mexico) in their need to keep something belonging to their land, in certain cases.”

The Argentine center back added his thoughts on the importance of making strides to have an international impact.

“I find it very important,” he said, “because the team continues with a significant growth. The more people supporting, the bigger team will be. Also it is important to participate and obtain international victories and trophies. It all helps.”