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Robert Dante Siboldi looks to guide first team to victory

01 de Octubre del 2017 11:40 am.

Robert Dante Siboldi has worked to prepare Santos’ youth players for their professional careers as Director of Fuerzas Basicas and will now look to guide the first team to a home victory against Puebla Sunday as head coach.

As of September 18, the former Uruguayan international has assumed a unique role with the firm objective of continuing the development of players while also guiding the first team to a playoff-qualifying spot.

During Siboldi’s tenure as Director in the youth development sector, he has achieved the following:

  • 2 titles in the U-20 category
  • 1 title in the U-17 category
  • 11 homegrown players to have debuted in the Mexican first division
  • 2 youth products transferred to Europe
  • More than 200 call-ups among youth players to Mexico’s youth national teams since 2015
  • Seven youth players across 2 categories in World Cup competitions with Mexico:
    • Two U17 World Cup cycles (2015 and 2017)
    • Two U20 World Cup cycles (2015 and 2017)

Siboldi provided the club with his main objectives as he looks at the big picture of developing talent at the youth level up to the first team, being responsible for both categories.

What has your main objective been within the club since your arrival?

"The goal has always been to train players in all aspects, both on the human side and in football, for which there is a theme that is fundamental - teamwork which includes all members of the institution."

How is the “DNA” of the institution defined in general - and particularly in the area of formation of players?  

"Footballistically it is always possession of the ball, taking the initiative and not giving the ball to the opponent, always pressing, recovering as quickly as possible. In the same way, everything that represents our DNA includes the objectives and values ??that must be in the institution:  humility and dedication are fundamental, and each player defending this shirt should have a sense of belonging.


"It is the goal to generate space and create opportunities so that they can continue their careers, and without a doubt they have to be very well-prepared according to the requirements to make it to the first division. Every day it is more competitive and that is why all the boys have to be very well prepared, so when their opportunity arrives, they take advantage of it in the best possible way.”


What type of “signature” do you hope to leave after this game with los Guerreros?


"My “signature” is to always play football, always have the ball, do not leave the opportunity to the opponent and press in all areas of the field, defend minimally which means I have a lot of time where my team has possession.  I generate options and spaces, fast transitions for recovery. This is the basis of what I intend with the team that plays football, that defends well when it has to and that attacks.

“In addition to this: I want to see delivery, aggressiveness, and playing from the heart. Each player understands that he is defending not only a soccer team, but the Laguna Region and all those who identify with Santos in different parts of the world.”

Siboldi is joined by former U-20 head coach Gonzalo Cigliuti, former Santos Laguna player Rafa Figueroa, institutional goalkeeping coach Nicolas Navarro, and first team fitness trainer Juan Rodriguez.

Los Guerreros will host Puebla on Sunday, October 1 at 6:30 pm at Territorio Santos Modelo. Transmission is via Azteca Deportes in Mexico and Azteca’s U.S. affiliate Univision Deportes in the United States.